Beach Engagement Photos | Miranda + Joey Vol. 2

Warm beach engagement photos evoke a certain timeless emotion. They remind me of my youth, a carefree time spent next to the ocean, a time of love and romance. This Spring, Miranda + Joey held their engagement session at a beach in South Surrey, a neighbourhood they know well – a place they spend time together. […]

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Alyssa Schroeder - Love the ones under the pier. Great photos, Daniel!

dan - Those shots under the pier are awesome!

Tyler - dat light. so solid.

damian burcher - Ah young love beautifully captured, well done.

Veronica Varos - Such gorgeous light, perfect location. Wonderful work!

rahul - beautiful moments!

Marianne - I think my favorites are the ones under the pier! So romantic and sweet.

Natalie Champa Jennings - What a stellar setting & collection! I really like the shots under the pier ;)

Will Kim - Great session! You captured the couple beautifully!

/mariahedengren - I love the warm light in these images.

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