Rosewood Hotel Georgia Wedding | Jennifer + Ali

A stunning Rosewood Hotel Georgia wedding for a stunning couple. Jennifer + Ali were married this summer at Reflections Outdoor Restaurant and Lounge inside the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver. It was a gorgeous setting for this mixed West Coast and Persian wedding. Decor was selected by the couple and put together by Cristina Samper and her […]

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Albert Palmer - Pixel perfect dude!

caroline - that is one good-looking bunch right there.

Kristian - Beautifully captured, and love the styling of this wedding – uber classy

Daylene Wilson - Beautiful photographs! Looks so elegant.

Matt - Really classy work, so well considered and styled.

Per - The getting ready shots is so good!

Sarah - Really gorgeous stuff! I love the portraits on the street especially!

Justin - Well, I’m first-of-all jealous of the location; Vancouver is a lovely place to experience, and you captured the light of the place so well.

I’m finding it difficult to comment on any one photo, as they’re all just perfect, crisp and clear and well-composed.

Inn At The Quay Wedding | African Caribbean Style

One thing I love about working as a wedding photographer in Vancouver are the many cultural experiences – in particular this Inn at the Quay Hotel wedding that Dami + Curtis celebrated in African Caribbean style. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Catholic Parish in New Westminster. St Peter’s is one of the most beautiful buildings […]

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Cammidge House Wedding: A Vintage Tea Party

When Rhonda first described her Cammidge House wedding to me, I had visions of time travel back to the 1940s with ladies dressed to the nines in big hats, men in fedoras and bow ties, ornate china and stemware, colourful floral decor, a retro food truck, and a relaxed family atmosphere in a quiet country-like setting. When I […]

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Hilary Mercer - Wow. What a stunning bride, wedding, location everything. Seriously beautiful, every little detail is lovely.

Tim - Stunning wedding and amazing work as usual guys

Albert Palmer - Too much beauty for one blog post! Love the portraits of the bride in the chair

Veronica Varos - Wow, such sweet and gorgeous captures. Fabulous!

Jacqueline Elizabeth - This wedding is ridiculously beautiful. You did such a perfect job capturing it.

naomi - wow, yeah, proper attention to detail here and very well captured.

Paul Krol - You have captured some wonderful memories for this couple!

Sneak Peek: Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel Wedding | Miranda + Joey

A little sneak peek at Miranda + Joey‘s Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel Wedding in summer 2014. This photo was taken on the way to the hotel from their wedding ceremony in South Surrey. We visited a number of places along the way to downtown Vancouver, but this was one of the more unique places we found, […]

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Joanna - Spectacular image! For sure, more of this photo are professionally captured. Nice work!

Balloons, Blue Skies, and Country Farm | Carolyn + Johnny

Carolyn + Johnny wanted to hang out somewhere away from the city, a place with fields and blue sky, and quiet and tranquil place where they could have balloons in their engagement photos and see miles of tall grass, and to just be themselves in front of the camera for a little while. So we […]

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Michael Sasser - These are excellent shots! The overall idea is cute and they are lovely couple too.

Vancouver Club Wedding | Alice + Jon

Alice + Jon celebrated their Vancouver Club wedding on a beautiful Spring day this year. It was one of the first good days of the Spring and the day was perfect in so many ways. Jon started his day at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, which is just one block away from the Vancouver Club, […]

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Kevin Aguilar - I love the decor for this wedding! It matches this timeless venue perfectly!

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