Scrapbook and balloons along the beach | Carman + Martin

Driving up to the beach park, I saw Carman and Martin, patiently waiting by the roadside, holding a basket of memories. Ready to spend time along the beach park, and perhaps a few beach engagement photos. bride with groom purple lavender Lavender engagementIt was a busy weekend at the beach park, but we found a spot the others dare not follow. Carman and Martin let loose and had a little fun, even a lover’s piggy back was in order. Carman knit a scarf with symbols of meaning for the both of them. couple standing in a field of tall grass engagement photo piggy back through grass engagement session wearing a scarf at engagement sessionThe wind at the beach engagement session blew everything sideways. Hair and balloons were not immune. balloon with bride at engagement sessionAlong the dirt roadside, Martin left his cardigan behind and took Carman for a little walk on one of the nicest weekend days so far this mid-Spring. Fuji Pro 400H engagement photos couple walking with balloons couple holding balloonsThe tide was out and they could see to the horizon. The picnic basket was emptied and they spent some time flipping through a precious scrapbook of fond memories.
balloons at beach picnic engagement session couple looking at scrapbook at engagement session beach picnic engagement photoThough the sand was wet, they braved the mud and walked on water, danced, piggy backed, and even jumped, along the soggy sand. They looked beautiful together, and even more so will they on their wedding day. Vancouver wedding photographer Vancouver wedding photographer Vancouver wedding photographer walking through beach low tide Vancouver wedding photographer Vancouver wedding photographer Vancouver wedding photographer

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