Brix Restaurant Wedding | Alissa + Bryan


When I found out that Alissa + Bryan were having a Phantom of the Opera themed wedding, I nearly fell off my chair – What would a Phantom of the Opera wedding look like? As it turns out, it looked super cool. The day started mellow. Both Alissa and Bryan looked calm and everything appeared normal except the groomsmen were wearing hot pink shirts and everything at the wedding was either hot pink, red, or black. When there ceremony began, Alissa marched down the aisle at Brix Restaurant to the Phantom of the Opera (it was very emotional). Later that evening, Bryan’s best man flashed a Phantom mask and I knew from then on, there was going to be some serious partying yet to happen. The wedding was vivid and beautiful with lots of funky colors and a truly unique feel to the day. It was such a memorable wedding for a very memorable couple. Here are some photos from their wedding day.

Wedding details

Wedding at Brix Restaurant

wedding dresses

Bride getting ready

Getting ready at Fairmount Waterfront Hotel before the wedding

Getting ready at the Fairmount Waterfront before the wedding

Guys getting ready at the Fairmount Waterfront before the wedding

Brix Restaurant Wedding

Brix Restaurant Wedding decorations and design

Brix Restaurant Wedding

Brix Restaurant wedding recessional

Photos in the wedding limo as we drive around Yaletown

Bridal portrait at the Roundhouse in Yaletown

Brix Restaurant wedding in Yaletown

Roundhouse wedding photo

Wedding at Brix Restaurant, photo at Roundhouse in Yaletown

Roundhouse wedding photo in Yaletown

Roundhouse wedding photos

Brix Restaurant wedding photo

Brix Restaurant wedding photo

First dance at Brix wedding

Dancing at Brix Restaurant

Bouquet toss at Brix wedding

Garter toss at Brix wedding in Vancouver

Phantom of the Opera wedding at Brix

Phantom of the Opera wedding at Brix Restaurant, Vancouver

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14 Replies to “Brix Restaurant Wedding | Alissa + Bryan”

  1. Wonderful job of capturing their day. I love how the pink seems to just jump out of the screen in all of these images.

  2. Beautiful photos, really love the switch in mood as it moves from pink to purple in your post. Love their first kiss photo the most.

  3. That’s a hot wedding! Love the pink accents and the bride’s dress and it’s well captured. Nice work.

  4. They have fabulous style! And you captured it and their personalities beautifully. Love that portrait of the bride holding her flowers.

  5. Gorgeous photos! The last image is especially awesome!

  6. Amazing wedding and equally amazing photographs! Wow… all the night shots are stunning!

  7. Stunning use of lighting technique in those nighttime outside city shots. Well done!

  8. Beautiful couple, fun wedding, Randy’s flowers were perfect; and these photo’s captured it all. Gorgeous!

  9. Fantastic shots of the stunning “princess” and her handsome “prince”. The whole affair was just perfect in every way – it was just so nice to “revisit” that magic evening – thanks!

    U. Cecil and A. Julie

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