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No one told Kyla and Bob that it’s supposed to rain in October along the west coast. Because when the day came to finally celebrated their long awaited wedding at Furry Creek Golf and Country Club in Squamish (about 45 minutes outside downtown Vancouver), it felt more like Spring than early autumn. When Kyla and Bob finally arrived at Furry Creek golf course, we literally had about twenty minutes to take photos before the start of the wedding ceremony. So Jill, who is one of the event coordinators at Furry Creek, drove like Mario Andretti to get us from the club house to the beach for photos – let’s just say it was a bumpy ride. Thank you Chelsea for holding on to the equipment back there in the golf cart, and thanks to Jill for getting us to the beach in record time.

We took about  five minutes to get to the beach, passing by a number of stunning photo locations, focused on getting to those beautiful photos of the inlet. If you’ve never seen a photographer drool while sitting in a golf cart, I wish you could have seen the look on my face. Furry Creek is an amazing venue for weddings because there are so many unique locations to take photos (so glad we’re going back there next year!).  After our photo session along the beach, we rush back for an indoor wedding ceremony at the club house. I was so happy to see Marilyn Knipp there officiating the wedding. We’ve worked with her many times before and have always enjoyed the experience. The ceremony had some emotional moments, but some fun ones too.

The room where the dinner reception was held looked stunning after Jill’s team flipped the room. The decor match the character of the space, and all the guests had a eye on the beautifully elegant wedding cake made by Ganache Patisserie. The rest of the evening went as expected, an intimate and special evening to top off an amazing, yet wonderfully relaxing day at Furry Creek.

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