Anali + Alexander Vol 1 | Engagement session at Jericho Beach


Wedding engagement photos at Jericho Beach in Vancouver (4)Hanging out at the beach at this wedding engagement session Wedding engagement couple embraceWedding engagement photos at Jericho Beach in Vancouver (1)Engagement photos at a Vancouver beach

The formula for nice engagement photos is pretty straight forward. (1) Choose a beautiful location, (2) If you’re Canadian, choose an afternoon when there’s an important NHL playoff hockey game on TV, (3) take two beautiful people, (4) make sure you take your lens cap off and shoot away. No really, I’m not kiddin about photographing beautiful people because both Anali and Alex are simply amazing in front of the camera – can you believe they’re not professional models? They’re super easy going and willing to try just about anything I throw their way. Thanks for the wonderful afternoon you two, can’t wait til the wedding day!

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15 Replies to “Anali + Alexander Vol 1 | Engagement session at Jericho Beach”

  1. More more! The light is so pretty and I LOVE the comp of the last one!

  2. Though the last one has an epic to it I really love the one you framed between the grass.

  3. That last image! Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful couple and you captured the love so well. Love it all!

  4. This is a beautiful couple, and that shot of them against the blue clouds is amazing! Really great.

  5. Beautiful couple. Love all pictures.

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