Sneak Peek: Trout Lake Engagement Session | Anna + Shawn Vol 1


Vancouver headshot portraits Vancouver wedding photo locations: Trout Lake Vancouver photo studio Vancouver photo studio

Anna and Shawn are getting married later this Fall at Swan-e-set Golf and Country Club, but for their engagement session, we chose Trout Lake, a well known urban park in the heart of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive district. It had been a rainy week, but luck was on our side again as the sun was out all day long for a nice warm weekday engagement session. The park was quiet that afternoon, just few locals and mainly parents walking with their young kids and moms pushing baby strollers, which was a real contrast to the few other times we’ve been to Trout Lake during summer evening when it was just packed with locals. We had no problems finding cool little locations that worked well for photos. I was able to learn a whole lot about Anna and Shawn their plans for not just a wedding here in Vancouver, but also one in Korea after their honeymoon this year. I’ve always found it amazing that some of my clients have more than one wedding and in different countries too. I know how challenging it can be to just have one wedding celebration, but to have more than one must be a ton of work. If anyone can pull it off two amazing weddings, I’m sure Anna and Shawn can. Looking forward to being there for their Vancouver wedding day in just a few weeks.


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  1. I love the second shot. Your framing is awesome. Can’t wait to see more.

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