Balloons, Blue Skies, and Country Farm | Carolyn + Johnny


Carolyn + Johnny wanted to hang out somewhere away from the city, a place with fields and blue sky, and quiet and tranquil place where they could have balloons in their engagement photos and see miles of tall grass, and to just be themselves in front of the camera for a little while. So we picked a quiet farm park in the suburbs, and spent as much time walking as we taking photos and shooting the breeze, but it was fine – and fun. I got to know them a little better and saw the youth-like jubilance that only a couple so comfortable in love could show. This reflected in the photos we took; their personalities came through and they made the engagement session completely theirs. couple with round balloons at engagement session couple with round balloons at engagement session balloon engagement session balloon engagement session couple on a bridge Warm sunny natural engagement portrait, makeup by Jayna Marie sunny natural engagement photo Couple embracing in engagement photo lifting girl up for a kiss quirky engagement photo under tree laughing poses sunflower engagement photo couple with balloons kissing

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