Fields of Fog | Winter Engagement Session

The winter of 2015 will go down in the books as one of the most foggy in recent memory. But we’ll take the fog over snow any day. Especially if we keep getting days that are as beautiful as the one when Timmi + Peter ventured out for their engagement photos one weekend morning.
fog in the field nature engagement session fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2040The fields and trails were quiet when we first arrived. It was magical. Like we had been teleported to an English country-side, fog included. foggy engagement photos foggy engagement photos fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2045 Groom in the fog fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2043Timmi’s red dress stood out amongst the fields of golden damp grass. The ground was soft an moist, but we shared a few laughs wading through the field.
fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2042 walking in the field rustic foggy field with couple couple standing on rustic bridge fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2050 fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2051 fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2053The golden brown landscape gave us a warm palette of hues from which to work with. And we especially loved the bare tress and brush that offered texture to our canvas. fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2052 fog-rustic-engagement-photos_2054

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