Cans for comments | Helping local families in need

Cans for Comments

In this current economic environment, more and more families are in need of help from their local food banks. For this reason, I’ve decided to participate in the Cans for Comments food drive! What is Cans for Comments? Simple. For each comment put on this posting in my blog between now and Christmas day, I’ll donate a can of food to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Cans for Comments was started by Chris+Lynn Photographers last year and you can also check out other photographers participating in Cans for Comments by checking out the 2009 list of participants. If you’ve got a blog and want to get involved, you can sign up by going to the Cans for Comments website.

Looking forward to seeing your comments here, you’ll be helping out a worthy cause!

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20 thoughts on “Cans for comments | Helping local families in need

  1. Wow, Daniel. Such a wonderful thing that you’re participating in. I am all for it! Way to go! Here’s my contribution! 😀

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hey there. I was just about to post this and I saw your comment come in on our blog. so yay, cans!

  3. Thank you for caring. Merry Christmas.

  4. yay!! you’re on the can wagon!!

    happy holidays! 🙂


  5. yeah cans for comments! i’m doing that as well!
    happy christmas!!

  6. WOW… What a great idea Daniel… Happy Holidays to you and your family…

  7. Thanks for everyone’s participation! We had an awesome response to the Cans for Comments drive this year! Photos to come!

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