Christmas in Cabo


This Christmas, we traveled down to Los Cabos for a vacation and visited a number of amazing places. We literally, only saw the tip of the Baja peninsula, touring destinations such as San Jose Del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and Todo Santos. Baja California Sur is an amazing place; actually, it’s a magical place – dry dessert surrounded on both sides by two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez – The well known “El Arco” is only beach on the planet with two major bodies of water on either side. Try driving on the highway through the cactus-filled dessert while listening to the “Drive” movie soundtrack, it’s pretty trippy.

Spending Christmas in Mexico was quite a strange treat. On the one hand, it’s warm, with blue skies and dessert-like conditions. On the other hand, there are Christmas decorations everywhere to remind you of home and you see people in Santa outfits despite temperatures in the mid-20s. Spending time in Todo Santos was the best part of the trip. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Cabo San Lucas, but well worth the trip to this sleepy artsy town, made famous, in part, by artists such as Charles Stewart (1922 – 2011) and Hotel California (which is famous for some reason, but not really because of the the Eagles song by the same name). We also attempted to do some celebrity spotting, but no luck (although I think I saw Wolf Blitzer at the airport on our way home), maybe next time.

El Arco in Cabo San LucasBeach in Cabo San LucasHorseback riding along the beach in CaboChurch in San Jose Del CaboArt gallery door in San Jose Del CaboPlaying flute in San Jose Del CaboPlaying flute in San Jose Del CaboCandy stand in Todo SantosCandy in Todo SantosTodo SantosTodo SantosIce cream in Todo SantosIce cream in Todo SantosIce cream in Todo Santos

The last few photos are some of my favorites. Liam somehow figured out there was a ice cream parlor in Todo Santos and peeked through the window – That’s actually him trying to pull himself up to take a peek inside Rocco’s. Sophia just had to get him an ice cream bar after that, which he pleasantly enjoyed on a bench just outside the parlor.

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  1. What a beautiful little boy you have, Daniel! I can’t believe how big he is.

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