UBC Boathouse wedding



Brandon + Jennifer are two of the most fun and relaxed clients I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with this past year. For me, it was an instant connection from our very first meeting. Sometimes it sucks to be a wedding photographer because you meet such awesome couples and really only get to work with them for such a short time. Being there for their wedding was such a fun experience. Brandon and Jenn were up for just about anything and thankfully, the weather cooperated to give us the kind of light we needed to make their wedding day shine. They celebrated their Chinese/Western fusion wedding at the UBC Boathouse in Richmond. The decorations were done by Lavish Design Group, but what I really liked most were the tea pot wedding favors that Jenn and Brandon had for their guests. They also gave away small trees that their guests could take home and grow in memory of their awesome special day. Looking at their wedding photos brings back such fond memories. All the best to you both and congratulations again!

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19 Replies to “UBC Boathouse wedding”

  1. This is a lovely wedding! You did a wonderful job and they’re going to absolutely love their photos. =)

  2. just gorgeous photos! Your clients will be so pleased! That last pic is so cute! 🙂

  3. Beautiful wedding! Love the portrait of them inside the boathouse. Oh – and teapots? That’s kind of awesome.

  4. opening pair of images is so much fun. lovely work overall

  5. Absolutely beautiful colors and a rockin’ location… great work! I’m sure they’ll love these. :]

  6. Gorgeous wedding….I know the bride and groom are so happy with these images…just lovely!

  7. Love the way you captured this day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  8. This entire wedding is gorgeous! My absolute favorites would have to be the one with the couple at the top of the stairs and the second to last image! Beautiful 🙂

  9. That ringbearer is so cute. Really amazing detail shots.

  10. loooove these! they are so cute together. you did a superb job

  11. I love the layouts! and also the photos!

  12. Wonderful! I love that you got vairous angles at different heights. Well done, these are gorgeous!

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