Vancouver Aquarium Wedding | Lauren + Mark


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Lauren + Mark were married in October in Vancouver. They leased a heritage house in town and got ready at the same location. Being a easy-going couple, they had no qualms about getting ready at the same place and even seeing each other in the hall way (not to mention the fact that Lauren actually helped Mark put on his suit). Photos were taken around Vancouver and they later said their vows at one of the best venues to get married in Vancouver, the Vancouver Aquarium. The ceremony was quite emotional and the speeches were quite candid and entertaining. The dancing was spectacular and I’m sure all the guest enjoyed the aquarium atmosphere.

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24 Replies to “Vancouver Aquarium Wedding | Lauren + Mark”

  1. The aquarium… what a FUN place to have a wedding! Great work, there is so much diversity in the locations… I LOVE the old brick building shots!

  2. Nice location, that’s such a cool idea. I really love the photo of them in front of the aquarium and their bridal party set.

  3. beautiful – especially love the location and the photo of the bride in the car – I love her smile.

  4. A spectacular series of images! I love the venue; photos with the fish are great.

  5. Some cracking moments. The bride is beautiful, and you really made her look stunning on her wedding day. The photographs outside by the metal posts are awesome.

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous! So many beautiful weddings! I’m dying to photograph a wedding at an Aquarium one of these days. Lovely!

  7. Loving the train tracks and grungy urban feel! And the first diptych, the bouquet and rings, is absolutely super.

  8. Wow, I love these. The shot of the couple in the aquarium kissing is canvas worthy!

  9. Great shots. Nice perspectives. Great use of lighting in the reception.

  10. I want to see that one in front of the aquarium huge! It is a really fun and beautiful image!

  11. Really nice set , nice to see something different with the aquarium

  12. Really love looking at wedding pictures on photo blogs. The different spectacular scenery is great too look at. In my country, the dominant religion is Roman Catholic. Almost all weddings are done in a church or a chapel. Since all the years that I’ve been to weddings of friends and family, I can’t recall it not being done outside like a garden, beach or somewhere else. The system here should change. I don’t know why the priests require it in a Church, when it doesn’t have to be.

  13. Some really creative shots, I love the Bride and Groom with the fish behind them

  14. Cool photos and the couple is very beautiful! I like this session, the shots are very lively and natural:)

  15. Great images, you captured the happiness of the day. particularly like the black and white images of the bride and the angles you have used.

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