Clothing suggestions for engagement photo sessions

It never fails, just before every engagement shoot, people always ask me what they should wear. The simple answer is to wear whatever you want.

The long answer is, wear whatever you want, but be a star! Stars like to stand out, they don’t like blending with the crowd, after all, they’re stars!! So if you want to be a star, here are some tips on dressing for your engagement session.

  • Think about where the session will take place and make note of the dominant colors. For example, if you’re shooting in nature, the dominant colors are often green and brown. To avoid blending into the background, wear something bright, but complimentary to the key background colors. Since some nature backgrounds can be dark-ish, wearing bright colors (e.g. yellows, oranges, reds) can enhance your photos.
  • Think also about the theme of your shoot. For example. if it’s a “night out” engagement shoot, the clothing should be more semi-formal. Perhaps a sleek party dress for the gals and a slender fitting sport jacket and dark dress shirt for the boys. Beaches are often popular and couples tend to wear airy khakis and whites.
  • You also have to consider what you think you look best in. You’re the expert, so decide what you’ve always looked good in. Remember that these photos are yours and you have to be happy with them in the end.
  • Accessories can be very helpful in expressing who you are. Be sure to wear some of your engagement jewelry if you can. If appropriate, you can also bring things like a parasol, hand bags, old items (e.g. old camera, bicycle, family items, etc.) and balloons.
  • Avoid clothing that has lettering on it. It tends to draw the eyes of the viewer away from the key subjects in the photograph, which should be you. Also avoid strong patterns that can distract.
  • Keep shoes color dark or neutral. Again, you don’t want to attract the eyes to your shoes, the viewers eyes should be directed toward your face.
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2 thoughts on “Clothing suggestions for engagement photo sessions

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  2. Thank you for the guidance. I agree dress and background should be complimentary. Keep sharing information.

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