Things to bring on your creative formal shoot

It’s nice to have a light load on your wedding day, but there are a few things you should consider bringing along on your creative formal shoot to make life easy.

1. Money for parking – if you’re going to take photos downtown or any popular tourist spot, it’s likely that you’ll need some change for the parking meter. If you don’t have pockets, get one of your groomsmen to take care of paying for parking.

2. Your cell phone – No one wants to be bothered with phone calls on their wedding day, but the reality is, sometimes you’ll need to call your vendors or they may need to talk things over with you. However, bringing your cell phone doesn’t mean that you need to be the one always answering the calls. Get your wedding party to screen calls for you, but be sure to bring your own phone because your vendors may not have another number at which to contact you.

3. Food and water – On those hot summer days, it’s good to have a little snack and water set aside for much needed short breaks.

4. Grooming package – Be sure to have something to touch up make-up, to clear sweat from the face, and hair products to keep you looking your best.

5. Parasol – a nice umbrella to keep the sun off your face from time to time

6. Walking shoes – Yes, you spent a lot on your shoes for your wedding day, but to stay comfortable and to keep those shoes looking fresh, consider

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